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Remote Link-Up / Shooting PD Services in Belfast / Northern Ireland

2022 has seen a huge increase in international clients taking advantage of our remote Shooting Producer / Director service.

In the last 12 months our client list has included big hitters such as Amazon AWS, The United Nations, LaceWork, Getty Images & many more.

We offer a live, in-camera viewing service over Zoom / Microsoft Team Meetings so that YOU can conduct an interview from anywhere in the world.

Hiring us saves the cost of travelling to the location and everything is conducted in real time.

All raw footage can be uploaded to the storage service of your choice (WeTransfer, Google Drive, MASV etc.) or delivered to your door.

Our service is available in NI and throughout the Republic of Ireland.

Get in touch to see how we can meet your needs!

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shooting pd service belfast

shooting pd service belfast


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