Redcap Productions and Covid-19

Redcap Productions is a small, independent production company. This is what allows us to deliver professional results at fair prices.

We offer a gamut of media services – pre-production, casting, storyboarding, script revisions / drafting, production (full camera and audio services) and an all-encompassing post-production service (editing, mastering and delivery).

Every one of these requires direct interaction with our customers – building these relationships face to face is key to what we do.

This means that Redcap Productions, like most other services business, can’t continue to operate during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

We shut up shop before official lock-down and are patiently waiting until this is all over so we can return to collaborating with our clients – every festival, video for a business, interview and documentary project Redcap has worked on brings back great memories – memories that will keep us going until everything returns to a semblance of normality.

However, we are (like many others) will struggle to keep above water if our business doesn’t improve once everything is back to how it was.

We aren’t complaining – everyone is in this together to save lives!

If you want to discuss a project taking place once things are back to normal you can reach us via or via

Keep safe and look after each other.