At Redcap Productions we take safety very seriously. In over a decade of trading we have always ensured the safety of our clients & collaborators. Safety is more important than any video production.

We are lucky due to the fact that video production can very easily done at a safe distance, with no contact, allowing our clients to feel safe & secure.

Due to the recent outbreak of Covid-19 we have created a Covid-19 Response Plan to ensure that we keep each other safe.

Below we have outlined how we are to proceed going forward.


During the pre-production phase we carry out a risk assessment with our clients. This ensures that all unnecessary contact is kept to a minimum. Successful planning results in safe, successful outcomes.


• All filming locations must be left vacant for our crew to set-up safely.

• We are happy to follow any pre-existing guidelines in place at filming locations. Please let us know in advance so that we can prepare.  

• All unnecessary participants should be kept at a safe distance, & if possible, in a separate location.

Our Equipment:

• All of our video production equipment is cleaned / disinfected before & after filming & left overnight in an isolated, secure location.

• Wireless microphones & zoom lenses ensure that we do not have close contact with our clients.


• All transport is private transport for use by Redcap Productions staff only.

Hygiene & PPE:

• All crew will wash their hands thoroughly throughout the day with hand sanitiser.

• Disposable medical gloves & face masks will be worn throughout the shoot.


• If any crew members, talent or client representatives display Covid-19 symptoms the shoot will be postponed for 14 days, or longer if necessary. The safety of our collaborators and staff is our #1 priority.

Post-Production & Delivery:

• Post-production is carried out in our office so that the client minimises the risk to them. We are available to reach via phone & email.

If you would like to discuss working with us you can get in touch via phone or email.