What do you do when your work for the next three months (and the foreseeable future) is cancelled overnight? You take out your camera and support the artists that have allowed you to make a living for the last decade.

The #artistsonlockdown project finds us going to the homes of artists based in Northern Ireland (at a socially responsible distance of course!) and film them do what they do best – performing.

The video hopes to raise some awareness for the plight of the local arts community and show the world that the arts are integral to our culture and wellbeing.There is a voluntary donation of £5 from each participant – the funds going to our friends at The Homeless Period Belfast, who exist to raise awareness on the very real issue of period poverty.Thanks to Beauty Sleep, Joel Harkin, The Gathering Drum, The Mad Dalton & Mayte Segura for taking part in day one.

The project will be with you soon – for now here are some video production stills from the edit.

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Joel Harkin
Mayte Segura
The Gathering Drum
Beauty Sleep
The Mad Dalton