Trucker Diablo – Drink Beer Destroy (Official Music Video)

We have just completed the production of the official music video for “Drink Beer Destroy” by the brilliant Trucker Diablo (signed to American label Ripple Music).

When the band got in touch it was clear that we were going to get along.  They wanted a video to reflect  the ‘devil may care’ nature of the track.  When I asked what the song was about they answered “going out, getting drunk, making a fool of yourself and having a good time” (silly question really).

With this in mind we organised a meeting to flesh out a number of different ideas.  Sometimes this can be a slow and difficult process but frontman Tom was honest, upfront and sure of what he wanted.  We decided that the video should veer away from the ‘rock band play in bar to a room of men’ stereotype as much as possible.  Starting from this seed of an idea we developed the story to include secret ‘women only’ trucker bar and a male fan desperate to see the band perform at any cost.

At this point we felt that the story was a little light considering the length of the track.  Sensing that the band would agree with the lighthearted and fast paced direction the storyline was taking we pitched the final idea which shaped the completed video.

Special thanks has to go to the crew (Cathal Hegarty & Fearghal Mulligan), Diamond Rock Club for the kind use of their club and all the extras / cast for their time and patience.

Hope you enjoy.

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