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Documentary Video Production in Belfast & Northern Ireland

Looking for a captivating and thought-provoking documentary film? Look no further than Redcap Productions.

Redcap Productions is a renowned documentary film production company, based in Belfast, that specialises in creating engaging, informative and visually stunning films that captivate an audience. With a team of highly skilled videographers, we are dedicated to bringing real-world stories to life through the power of film.

Our work spans a wide range of topics, and we are committed to shining a light on important issues that are often overlooked. Our films are designed to spark meaningful conversations and inspire positive change.

Our documentary client list includes - Montalto Estate, Arts Ekta, Belfast International Arts Festival, Dumbworld, BFI, British Council, Homeless Period Belfast (Menstruation Matters), Beat Carnival and many more.

With a track record of producing high-quality, impactful work, Redcap Productions is a top choice for anyone looking to create a compelling film that leaves a lasting impression. Check out our recent Projects and Contact Us today to learn more about their services and how we can bring your story to life.


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