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Little Amal's - A Little Girl on a Big Adventure to Belfast

Little Amal, the puppet of a young Syrian refugee girl, has captured the hearts of millions as she travels the world. In May 2024, her message of hope arrived in Belfast, sparking a city-wide celebration co-organized by ArtsEkta and Belfast City Council. As part of Belfast 2024, a year-long cultural extravaganza, Little Amal's visit was a powerful symbol of resilience & the importance of welcoming refugees and those less well off than ourselves.

Redcap Productions, a Belfast-based production company, played a key role in documenting this historic event. We hope that our video accurately conveys the spirit of a four-day celebration that was truly unforgettable!

Little Amal's Belfast visit wasn't just a spectacle; it was a powerful call to action, reminding us of the human stories behind the refugee crisis and the importance of building a more inclusive world.

While Little Amal has moved on to her next destination, Redcap Productions' video ensures that her message of hope continues to resonate in Belfast and beyond.

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