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Video Production for the Construction Industry in Northern Ireland

In today's digital age, high-quality video content is a powerful tool for construction companies, especially in the competitive Northern Ireland market. A well-crafted construction video can showcase your projects, expertise, & professionalism; attracting new clients and boosting your brand reputation. But with numerous production companies in the region, Redcap Productions stand out from the rest.

Local Expertise, Global Reach

Redcap Productions, with a perfect 5-star Google rating, is known for its creative approach & commitment to client satisfaction. We offer a wide variety of video production services including aerial/drone video production & time-lapse services. This ensures that your construction project stands out. Our understanding of the local market & the nuances of the construction industry allow us to craft videos that resonate with both local & international audiences.

Why Choose Redcap Productions?

  • Experience in Construction Videos: Redcap Productions has a proven track record of creating impactful videos for construction companies throughout Northern Ireland. Our portfolio showcases our ability to capture the essence of projects, no matter the scal.e

  • Comprehensive Services: We offer a full range of services, from pre-production planning & scriptwriting to filming, editing, & final delivery. This ensures a seamless experience & allows you to focus on your core business.

  • Award-Winning Creativity: Redcap Productions is known for its creative approach. We work closely with you to develop a video concept that aligns with your vision & effectively tells your construction story.

  • Client-Centric Approach:  Redcap Productions prioritises client satisfaction. We take the time to understand your needs, budget & target audience to deliver a video that exceeds your expectations.

  • Timelapse & Aerial Mastery: Redcap Productions utilise timelapse technology & aerial / drone filming in our work. We understand how to effectively utilize timelapse & drone technology to showcase the impressive progress of your construction project, compressing months of work into captivating sequences. These powerful tools can be utilised to share with potential clients & stakeholders, leaving a lasting impression of your capabilities.


Investing in a high-quality construction video production is an investment in your company's future. Redcap Productions, with our experience, expertise, and dedication to client satisfaction places us as a strong contender to bring your vision to life. Get in touch today to begin your video journey with us.


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